Save Now—and for Many Years to Come—with a Propane Tankless Water Heater

save moneyA tankless propane water heater, professionally installed by a Williamson Gas technician, eliminates standby energy losses that occur in storage tank systems because this innovative unit only heats water on demand.
Propane tankless water heaters can average a flow rate of about 222 gallons per hour, more than three times higher than a standard 50-gallon electric storage tank water heater’s delivery rate of 62 gallons in the first hour. This dramatic difference in performance can mean the difference between taking a hot shower and a cold shower!

According to the Department of Energy (DOE), an ENERGY STAR®-rated tankless water heater can operate up to 34% more efficiently than a traditional water heater! That’s an important advantage when you consider that heating water can account to up to one-fifth of your overall home energy cost.

With those kind of savings, a tankless propane system could pay for itself in just a few years while delivering other great benefits to your North Carolina home, including unlimited hot water, greater placement flexibility and longer equipment life (about twice as long as storage water heaters, on average).

Save now with North Carolina rebates

Up until now, you may have thought about making the switch to tankless, but put it off because of the investment needed to get your system in, up and running. But now—thanks to the combination of state and manufacturer rebates—that investment may be less than you think.

Of course, careful consideration should go into choosing a tankless water heater that fits your needs, budget and lifestyle. Please contact us—we’re here to help.