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Outdoor Grilling Safety Reminders

Outdoor grilling

Summer is just about here – which means it’s time to get your propane grill ready for another epic season of outdoor cooking!

While you’re preparing to enjoy all that flame-broiled goodness, it’s a good time to take care of two things. The first, of course, is to make sure you have enough propane on hand for all of your outdoor entertainment plans.

The second is to review safe grilling practices.

Here are 15 things to think about as outdoor living season begins in your Clinton, NC-area home.

  1. Before using a propane gas grill, check the connection between the tank and the fuel line, and check hoses for cracks, leaks, or damage.
  2. Clean your propane grill regularly; leftover grease causes about one in five grill fires – more than any other factor, according to the National Fire Protection Association.
  3. Keep your grill at least five feet from obstructions, including trees, furniture, and your house.
  4. Keep the grill stable on a flat surface so it can’t be tipped over.
  5. Never grill in enclosed areas, where deadly carbon monoxide can accumulate.
  6. Keep a fire extinguisher available, and make sure it works!
  7. Never leave a grill unattended.
  8. Never use a grill if your starter is broken (consider buying a grill with an automatic starter, rather than one with a button starter that can become difficult to push. Contact us to learn more about your propane grill options)
  9. Always cover the grill to avoid to corroding and rusting the controls and gas line.
  10. Take care when grilling high-fat food, which can produce high flames; use long-handled barbecue utensils to avoid burns.
  11. Keep your grill instructions and owners manual handy; always follow your manufacturer’s directions.
  12. Always store propane cylinders outdoors in their vertical position.
  13. When you’re transporting your tank for a refill, place it upright in your car and out of direct sunlight, and make sure the valve is closed. Go straight to the refilling station – don’t leave a tank alone in the vehicle, where temperatures can rise quickly!
  14. Always check replacement tanks for dents, rust, or leaks.
  15. Never attempt to repair a tank valve or grill yourself – contact Williamson Gas for help

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