Seven Safety Tips for Your Propane Fire Pit

Fire pit

Recently on our blog, we talked about some of the ways that propane can make your summer more fun, with propane outdoor living equipment options ranging from propane pool heaters and patio heaters to built-in grills and smokers.

But when it comes to summer fun, nothing tops stargazing around a propane fire pit – as long as you use it safely.

Here are seven keys to propane safety for your outdoor fire pit:

  • Install it safely – Choose a spot for your propane fire pit that is at least 10 feet away from your home, trees, shrubs, and other outdoor structures. Keep your fire pit away from air intake vents to prevent carbon monoxide from entering your home. Avoid installing your equipment above pipes and under electric wires. Always have your propane fire pit installed by a professional.
  • Know your equipment – Before using the propane fire pit, completely familiarize yourself with how it works; read your operating instructions thoroughly.
  • Have an emergency plan – Learn how to turn off the propane gas supply in the event of an emergency, and how to control a fire that gets out of hand. Keep a tested, working fire extinguisher handy and teach everyone in your home how to use it. If a fire cuts off access to the propane supply, try to dampen it with water or sand; if that doesn’t work, call the fire department immediately.
  • Clear space near your fire pit – Keep objects and anything that emits flammable vapors (paints, paint thinner, fuels, solvents, etc.) far away from your propane fire pit. Never leave children unattended near it.
  • Maintain your equipment – A poorly maintained burner or propane pipe can cause a dangerous buildup of gas; make sure they are cleaned periodically by a propane professional (at least once per season).
  • Check for leaks regularly – Check all connections and valves for any signs of a leak before using your fire pit. If you discover one, turn off the gas supply immediately and tighten the connections.
  • Use propane only – A propane fire pit does not require any starters or accelerators to increase the strength of the flame. Never pour gasoline into the fire pit or add paper, trash or any other combustible material.

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