Propane Fire Pits: Tips for Choosing, Placement and Use

Propane fire pits north carolina

As hot as it’s been the last month or so here in Clinton, NC, it’s hard to imagine the weather cooling down – but we all know it will, starting with crisp evenings sometime in September.

When that time comes (especially this year), it’s going to be more important than ever to find ways to stay outdoors comfortably in cooler weather– and one of the best ways we know to do that is to install a propane fire pit.

Compared to their wood-burning counterparts, propane fire pits offer some important advantages: fires are easier to set up an break down, they burn cleaner, they are easy to adjust, and they produce no smoke. But how do you choose the right fire pit for you, and how do set it up and use it safely once it arrives?

Here are some pointers.

Choose the right propane fire pit

Selecting a fire pit is straightforward: aesthetics and size will often drive your decision. Look for a fire pit that allows you to adjust the flames’ heat, making it higher or lower by simply turning a nob or pushing a button (some will even allow you to do this with a smart phone app). Just remember that the bigger the fire pit is, the more gas it will use.

Find the right spot

When it comes to placing your fire pit, choose a spot that is at least 15 feet away from your home and other outdoor structures; look for guidance from the manufacturer or your propane professional (see below) for more specific details. Your ideal spot will be blocked from the wind and free of overhead foliage. Make sure there are no pipes underneath your fire pit and no electric wires overhead. Only install a fire pit on a patio if the patio is made from non-flammable materials, such as stone.

Hire a professional to install it

A fire pit is a combustion appliance, much like a space heater or indoor fireplace. Improper installation or maintenance of a propane fire pit can be dangerous. Always leave propane fire pit installation to professionals.

Use it safely

Follow these simple suggestions to stay safe when operating your propane fire pit.

  • Keep the pit area clutter-free – Keeping objects near the fire pit increases chances of an accident; keep the area clear.
  • Clean your equipment regularly – A blocked or dirty burner or pipe can cause a buildup of gas, which can be dangerous.
  • Check for leaks – Check all connections and valves for signs of a leak. If you find one, turn off the gas supply immediately and tighten the connections.
  • Know how to shut off gas at the source – Know how to turn off your propane supply from the tank in the event of a leak or some other emergency.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy – Make sure all adults in your house know where you fire extinguisher is and how to use it.
  • Propane only! – Never pour gasoline into the fire pit or add paper, trash or combustible materials. Use a screen to prevent the spread of sparks.

Considering a propane fire pit for your outdoor space? We can help! Contact the pros at Williamson Gas today for more information about propane fire pit installations in Sampson County, NC!