For Your Business or Nonprofit

Commercial propane service and propane delivery for your Sampson County business or nonprofit

restaurantSmart businesses in Sampson County run on propane! Propane is safe, reliable and economical, making it the number one choice for a wide range of businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Our customers include churches, farms, government organizations, housing developments and restaurants —all satisfied long-term customers who have come to depend on us for reliable, safe and budget-friendly service and propane delivery.

Some of the commercial services we provide include:

  • heating installation and fuel supply for office and warehouse spaces
  • construction site heating for developers and contractors
  • forklift refueling
  • propane subcontracting support for HVAC companies
  • restaurants
  • industrial stove and oven installation

Special pricing for nonprofit organizations

If you are a nonprofit, we are happy to extend special discounted pricing to support your operations. We supply propane for all types of nonprofit organizations, including churches, civic groups and emergency services. Please call us directly to speak to us about special pricing for your nonprofit.

propane truckNot a Williamson Gas customer? Become a customer today!

Competitive propane pricing delivers value to the bottom line

If you are in business or if you are a nonprofit, you know how easy it is for operating costs to get out of control. Having a reliable, predictable payment amount for fuel is a very good way to keep these costs from cutting into your budget. We offer some of the most competitive pricing for propane that you will find. Better yet, you can sign up for our prebuy program or even spread your payment out over the year to help make managing your costs even easier.

Safe and efficient

Our technicians are certified and highly trained in all matters related to propane and propane safety. For propane tank installation, maintenance, service and propane delivery, you can count on Williamson Gas because we always deliver!

Williamson Gas has been serving the communities surrounding Clinton, NC, with propane fuel and delivery services since 1928 and we would love to be a part of your success story.