Outdoor Living

Propane Grills, Hearths, Heaters and More in Clinton, NC

Your backyard is the place where it all comes together in the warmer months. You can make it more inviting with propane appliances that are made specifically for outdoor living. Williamson Gas operates a showroom in Clinton, giving you a chance to get a closer look and ask questions about outdoor living products that we sell, install and maintain. These propane-powered products include:

  • barbecue grills
  • fire pits
  • patio heaters
  • mosquito traps

Propane grills

Fast, even-burning propane grills cook your food more healthfully and efficiently. There is no time wasted waiting for the charcoal to get up to temperature or messy cleanups getting rid of piles of ash. Propane grills also help you feel good about the environment as they don’t release any harmful pollutants or carbon monoxide into the air.

Today’s propane grills are about more than just grilling. Smoking, barbecuing, broiling, rotisserie and combination models (grilling and smoking) are available. Standard features include push-button ignition and safety valves that prevent overfilling.

For even more convenience, many newer models are self-cleaning, too, giving you more time to relax and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones.

Propane fire pits

Nothing says fun like a roaring fire with your friends gathered around it. Perfect for roasting marshmallows, making s’mores or just to snuggle around after the sun dips below the horizon, a propane fire pit provides you with an attractive outdoor feature as well as great functionality.

A propane fire pit also means no more chopping wood and no more cleaning out bucket loads of ash. You can just turn on the fire pit and sit back and enjoy, knowing that when it’s time to hit the hay, you can simply turn off the gas and get under the blankets.

Propane patio heaters

A propane patio heater is a great way to extend the outdoor living season. On cooler nights, simply power up your propane heater. Your propane heater distributes heat evenly to a radius of about 20 feet and has the ability to raise the outdoor temperature within that range by 10 to 20. Today’s propane patio heaters are stylish and suitable for home or business use. They can be connected to your home propane lines or a portable tank, which will allow it to run continuously for up to 20 hours.

Mosquito Traps

Mosquitos can really take a bite out of summer fun in North Carolina—as can the smell of (mostly ineffective) mosquito repellant and chemical-laden candles and traps. A propane mosquito trap will keep those blood-sucking pests at bay without the harsh smells—or those awful zapping sounds.

Visit our propane showroom in Clinton, NC, or contact us today to learn more about these and other outdoor living products.

outdoor livingYour backyard can become an oasis of outdoor living, completely outfitted with today’s stylish outdoor propane appliances!