Reliable propane gas delivery for commercial cooking in Sampson County

Many restaurants choose propane gas for their kitchens because it is a clean-burning and safe alternative to other fuels. Propane heats evenly, providing an efficient and reliable heat source while keeping primary costs under control.

Reliable, economical propane

If you own a restaurant, you know that time is money. Any interruption of service during peak times means that profits go down and customers don’t come in the door. One of the many benefits of using propane gas for your restaurant is that even in the event of a power outage, your kitchen can keep cooking until the power comes back on. Your stoves, ovens, grills and other propane-powered appliances will keep running, ensuring your inventory is protected in spite of electrical issues.

In light of all that, switching to propane is simply good business.

Propane is a safer alternative

Safety is always a concern in commercial restaurants. Compared with other fuels, propane has a very narrow range of flammability, meaning it will not ignite unless the source of ignition is 940˚F or more. Other fuels, including gasoline and natural gas, have ignition levels that are about half that. Additionally, propane tanks are highly regulated to ensure they do not leak, ensuring that you can operate with confidence.

Expert burner service for your propane appliances

You can always count on Williamson Gas to promptly respond to any appliance issues you may have. We provide expert burner service for your restaurant equipment and will label all of your restaurant cooking appliances.

Automatic propane delivery for your restaurant

Never run out of fuel again with automatic propane delivery. We use an industry-tested calculation that estimates your usage. This tells us exactly when you will need a delivery, ensuring that you are never in a situation where you don’t have the propane you need to operate.

Request automatic delivery today or fill out our online form to become a commercial propane customer.