Monthly Payment Plans To Make Your Life Easier

fuel payment plans north carolinaSpring is here, and soon heating season 2020/2021 will be behind us. It certainly was a rollercoaster winter weather-wise here in North Carolina – and billing-wise, too, if you paid your propane delivery bill month to month.

But if you had been a Williamson Gas Monthly Payment Plan customer, you would have avoided the ups and downs altogether.

With a Monthly Payment Plan, we’ll estimate your fuel costs for the year use based on your past bills (or a home your size in your neighborhood, if you are a new Williamson Gas customer), then divide that number into 10 equal installments, with two adjustment bills (or account credits) per year.

The result? You’ll avoid paying for 80 percent of your year’s propane use during a four- or five-month period. Instead, you’ll enjoy even, predictable payments throughout the year, no matter how much gas or oil you use! There’s no enrollment or finance fee for the Plan – just think of it as free peace of mind.

More Predictable Propane Bills With Smart Buy

If you’re a propane customer, you probably know all too well that propane prices can be unpredictable – unless you lock them in at one low pre-season price for the year.

That’s what Smart Buy is for. With Smart Pay, you’ll buy your fuel in the offseason, when propane is usually cheaper (sometimes much cheaper). Unlike some other companies, we don’t require full payment for your propane up front – you can spread out your Smart Buy payments over a three-month period to make things more manageable.

Two FREE Ways To Make Things Easier

The sooner you sign up for a Smart Buy or your Monthly Payment Plan, the sooner you’ll say goodbye to heating bill surprises. Think of how much easier it will be to plan your monthly budget knowing what your energy bill will be! In a time where every day brings new surprises, it’s nice to have something you can rely on – from a company you can rely on.

Get ready – enrollment for the Williamson Gas Monthly Payment Plan begins in May! Contact us today to learn more about the Plan and other convenient Williamson Gas services that can make your life easier in the months ahead.